Professional Plastics Equipment Financing

Who We Are

‚ÄčIf you are in the plastics industry, you need plastics equipment. Unfortunately, plastics equipment at the industrial level is often prohibitively expensive. Lucky for you, Atlantic Capital Equipment Finance provides plastics equipment financing so that you can afford the equipment that you need for your company.

We use our extensive 25 years of experience to provide innovative solutions to your equipment financing needs. We always provide low, fixed rates so that you can rely on us to offer the best deal for your plastics equipment.

You have a personal account manager when you use our financing services that is in constant communication with you. We always use direct talk because we value our relationship with you and maintain honesty to show that respect.

Come to Atlantic Capital Equipment Finance when you need plastics equipment financing. Call 1-561-900-3646 to discover how we can help you buy the equipment to take your company to the next level.

What We Do

We understand that buying plastics equipment is expensive. We work to ease some of the pain of getting new equipment with our wide variety of financing options to make the financing of plastics equipment easy.

We provide financing via installment loans to meet your specific cash flow. We care for you throughout the entire process and consult with you on the best path forward for your particular requirements.

We also lease plastics equipment and arrange for the sale leaseback if you have already purchased the equipment but a lease is better suited to your current circumstances. Our team remains in close conversation with you so that if you want to change the nature of the relationship to the plastics equipment, we can arrange that.

Our team also provides refinancing services for any existing debt that you have. We work to help you with any and all aspects of the plastics equipment financing process.

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