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Since 2015, we have strived to help countless people like you buy the construction equipment they need to serve their own customers. Our team draws on their extensive experience in financing and contacts throughout the construction, converting, plastics, and packaging industries to craft the best financing packages possible for you.

We even provide funds so that you can restructure or refinance existing debt as part of your construction equipment financing. Our goal is to make construction equipment more affordable because we know that you need it to be successful.

Our team builds on the work of our founder, who has worked in sales of industrial equipment since 1987. We use that base of experience to help you connect with the right people to find the best deals on construction equipment for your area.

We also provide installment notes with any construction equipment that we help finance so that you can perform any necessary installation correctly. We work to coordinate between you and the vendor because both of you need to be satisfied for the financing to be successful.

Our financing also covers leases for construction equipment if purchasing is cost-prohibitive or illogical for your business. We strive to provide the financing flexibility you deserve to accomplish your business goals.

When you need new construction equipment, come to Atlantic Capital Equipment Financing. Call 561-900-3646 to take advantage of our construction equipment financing today.

The right equipment makes or breaks your work in construction. Without cutting-edge, reliable equipment, you can’t do the work that your customers need. Unfortunately, construction equipment is often incredibly expensive.

The good news is that Atlantic Capital Equipment Financing provides a range of construction equipment financing options so that you can afford the equipment necessary to do the work your customers expect.